Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea Anyone?

I went to two Tea Parties on the 15th of this month. The pic is of my youngest daughter, Mishka.

People, never let the Statists run us out. We are much better than a simple gathering on one day. Do not let it end since that great day. We are backed by not only our own incentive to take back our Liberty but we are backed by the same spirit that invoked our nation to stand up for what is right! Let us not be a nation of Republicans, of Democrats, nor Independents but a people of sovereign Liberty. Damned are we if we allow one group to use us for their own agenda, like those who try to direct us towards their party or their limited views of Liberty. The time is now, for us to stand on our own, show them who we are and that it does not mean we compromise on our principles!

My values are simple: a home for me and my children, a place of worship not in threat of laws, a gun and a place to trade goods for gold currency and a trade for which to support my goods and trades. Anything more would be too much. Everything minor can fit right in there, without complication.

I Had No Idea...

...that I was a Right Wing Extremist and should be watched by my very own limited-sized Federal government! Let alone I had no clue that those members of my family who did not vote for President Barak Obama are now also considered Extremists and Racists! It boggles my mind that firends and relatives of mine who return from their tours of duty in Afghanistan or Iraq are now being watched, especially if they do not support the current Administration's views, on anything! Wow!

If no one believes me on this I am serious! Check it out and download the .pdf right here!I never thought I would live to see the day when I was not only labelled, but now on a watchlist because I blog against our current administration and their social and economic views! When is it a crime to diagree and voice the disagreeance? Am I considered a violent threat even though I never made a violent post? This is a crime against Liberty, my friends. The Statists are seizing control while we watch Liberty get strangled in the name of National Security.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Real Issue

Let me begin by saying that it has been a long time coming for me to jump right back on the blog. Not only have I been a busy bee but also been an active member of tea parties among other not so political tirades such as raising a family and doing chores. Also, College has a tendency to take me out of the loop.

But now let me begin by expressing some of my ideas, especially of what has come about as of late. Many of our newfound leaders among old party lines have been on a rampage. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has been an attack dog for the previous Administration as well as dampening anyone who disagrees with the current Administration. He is a liar and a hypocrite, a mule for the media and a singing canary for those who try to help his ever decreasing ratings. he refuses to report the truth, only commentary for a fledgling Statist ideal. One day he will wake up to his wild delusional dream of Orwellian Big Brother.

And then there is Sean Hannity. His diatribe of always pushing George W. Bush as a master politician and a wonderful Presidency is absurd. President Bush lied to us all, especially when he stated that he was not going to nation build. Three years later we were building a decimated Iraq and passing the worst bill called the Patriot Act on the population, swinging American Flags creating a new State Religion called Patriotism. Those who refused to follow the Patriot Act in Hannity's eyes was Un-American. No, Mr. Hannity, I am American and I like my government small, the way our Founding Fathers meant it to be. Jefferson warned us about bills like the Patriot Act, stating that they are meant to control the people, not the people controlling the government. Times and war styles have changed but freedom and rights should never be taken for granted, even in times such as these. Anything that gives my government a right to my privacy in the name of national security is Statism, not Liberty. And now, with a the most liberal Administration to ever set foot in the White House and Capitol Hill, are you happy you swayed millions into buying into the Patriot Act now, Sean? Enjoy your legally bugged home now, Mr. Hannity, in the name of National Security of course.

But what is not discussed, on the radio and on the television is something which goes much deeper than two parties at each others throats. Its not about a Jackass or a Elephant. Its not about party lines and Conservatism and Liberalism. Its about Statism and Liberty.

Statism is Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism. Statism teaches us to be secure in our government, to allow government to handle the big issues, to be involved for our own sakes. Statism tells us that we do not have to worry about anything at all because they are there through every step of the way. Statism gives us the ability to take care of all of us, in one way or another. Statism preaches that government is in control of our lives and our security because we cannot do it without the State. Statism raised us to believe that the State is good, its for us and helps us by giving us laws which will keep us safe. Statism later on in University teaches us that we need to be open to outside sources differing from our own roots because we need to be more compliant to others needs than our own, and being the wealthy nation we are we should also give over our own State to others in the name of friendship and social welfare.

Liberty teaches us to think, act, create, tend and govern for ourselves. Liberty also believes in having no government interfere with our daily lives. in fact we should only hear about the government as an entity only when we vote and not be able to visually see it.

Statism and Liberty cannot live together in harmony. The problem is if one lives and takes control, the other can never come back without complete absence of the other in power. Once Liberty dies, it takes another Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison, Monroe, Adams and Jones to rebuild it and sadly we are in great need of those men again.

But for Statism, it only takes the absence of the people and an elite group of men to appoint a dictator of any type to seize the reigns of Liberty and turn a nation into a den of Statism and oppression.

Brethren of America: Forget the Party lines! Forget about beating the Jackass or the Elephant! The Party has failed! Its time to save lady Liberty!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something amusing

I thught this was amusing when I found this online. The picture to the left is of former Soviet secret police senior official, Nikolai Yezhov. Of course the pic on the right is of President Barak "Force Doctors to Perform Abortions Against Their Ethics" Obama.

Wow, I would say separated at birth but Yezhov died in 1940.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank you Jesus!

Come on people wake up and smell the maple nut crunch! We have a person not a supernatural being in office! Sorry to rain on your parade but Obama is not the messiah. He is not going to bring about a lifetime of peace and prosperity. He is just a PERSON! He can't walk on water! I wouldn't be surprised if there was a stampede just to touch the hem of his garment. "Oh great Obama, help me in my time of need, give me a job, give me free health care (at the cost of every one else). Fill my gas tank, pay my mortgage so you followers will always have a place to worship you"

It's sad really that people can think/believe that.....

We can thank the media for brainwashing all these uninformed brainless sheep into thinking he is so wonderful.

Let's Dance

I don't know if you saw Obamasiah's speech, I mean press conference the other day, but I was wondering if any one heard how this spending bill is going to help? He spent 10 minutes on each answer and amazingly nothing was said, at least in the parts I was able to stay awake for. He believes that this plan will help, ok, but how? Really I would like to know what were his answers? Everytime Obama opens his mouth I can hear music playing and watch fancy footwork, (man, can that guy move! he makes Fred Astaire look like a clutz) I'm willing to bet he doesn't even know himself what's in the bill but it's going to work.

You promised us change. Well give it to us and quit dancing around the issues like all politicians do and give us real answers. Admit that what you and all the crazy liberals are doing is making Americ(k?)a a socialist nation.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Failures

Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine voted for Barak Obama's Stimulus plan. The deep failure to hold this back from creating the next generation of slave workers paying this debt off is due to the hands of not only the Democrats, but these three failures who did not do their job. The future generation of America will look back on these three as the people who sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver.

I do not care how moderate you are but to accept this bill andsay that you are doing your job is ridiculous and unacceptable. Pennsylvania, either boot him out of office or do not vote for Spexcter again. Republicans in Pennsylvania, can this guy and refuse to let him run on the ticket ever. Maine, stop supporting the worst Republican ever which you know well as Snowe. Dump Collins for this failure on the future of America. Today should be noted as the downfall of Western Civilization. I pray that the country is smart enough to not allow any more failures like this to ever happen again.

Does anyone read anymore? Has anyone ever looked at the failure of the New Deal? Obama is pushing us in the same direction. Wake up America, before its too late.